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Compact Radial Type

40 KHZ Unimorph (Radial mode / Flexure mode) Transducers for compact ultrasonic cleaners
Awesome Image
Schematic sketch of 40 kHz Radial Mode / Flexure Mode Transducers

It is a 40 kHz, ready to use transducer, handling 30 Watts input power on continuous basis. With an epoxy resin, the aluminum face of the transducer can be bonded to the bottom of the cleaning tank. Up to three numbers of such transducers may be used in parallel operation to enhance the input power to 90 Watts or so in a cleaning tank of commensurately higher volume. It schematic sketch and typical characteristics are listed below :

Capacitance, low signal, 1kHz 6200 pF, nominal
Tan d, 1 kHz 0.007 max., 0.004 typical
Radial resonant frequency 44.0 - 46.0 kHz
Impedance 25 W max.
Power handling 30 watts
Df/fr 0.06 min.